My name is Karen, also known as Mrs. jigg. I love doing arts and crafts with my three year old daughter, “The Dumpling”.

I worked in financial marketing communications in Boston and New York City for ten years prior to relocating to Hong Kong in 2017 to become a stay-at-home-mom. As a result, I went from struggling to find more time to spend with my daughter to figuring out what I’m going to do with her now that she’s under my watch 24/7.

The answer is making beautiful messes! With a focus on using common household or upcycled materials, this blog shares our projects as well as my parenting adventures as an expat mom.

About the Dumpling

The Dumpling is a mixed media artist from New York. Since 2017 with guidance from her mother, she started finger painting at 20 months old and has produced a prolific volume of work since.

She began her creative career scribbling on a Magna Doodle, then transitioning to walls and tables before applying her technique on paper using paint made from flour and food coloring. In her debut book, Splashes, Smudges, and Spills, the Dumpling explored this medium through playful splashes, dramatic smudges, and accidental spills. Her process typically began with meticulous treatment of primary colors that accumulated into a cacophony of secondary and tertiary mixtures.

The Dumpling now uses an arsenal of mixed media in her work that ranges from traditional crayons to whatever could be found in her kitchen cabinets and recycling bin.

Inspired by the rebellious nature of toddlerhood, her chaotic compositions reflect a desire to test boundaries, defiance against her parents, and need to assert independence.

The Dumpling currently is three years old (going on 13) and lives in Hong Kong under the patronage of her mother and father.