Peacock Feather Arrangement

A peacock craft with different feather arrangements.


Print the template.

Color and cut out the peacock body, feathers, and semicircles.

We opted for a palette of blues, greens, and purples. I purposely stuck to cool colors, and omitted any warm ones (reds, oranges, and yellows) to avoid my toddler mixing everything together into some shade of brown.

We also created fringes and added jewel stickers to some of our feathers, but those are optional.

Arrange the feathers and glue them in place. Depending on your arrangement, there may be extra feathers leftover.

The semicircles are optional guides to create an open-tail fan. Place larger feathers on the larger semicircle, and the smaller feathers on the smaller semicircle. For a fuller plumage, layer additional feathers in between the gaps.

Glue the smaller semi-circle on top of the larger one, aligning at the bottom center.

Finally, glue the peacock body on top of the smaller semicircle, aligning at the bottom center.

Or make your own arrangements. Below are more ideas.

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